Sustainable Gardening News April 2009

by Susan Harris on April 19, 2009

In the News

On GardenRant

  • I’m reading Michele’s Rules for Beginning Veg Gardeners. (Newbie here!)
  • Here she makes the case that growing food isn’t expensive.
  • Then she rants about a bill in Congress that could threaten small-time organic growers.
  • After a British blogger bashes raised beds, a discussion ensues.
  • Our Buffalo Ranter rallies the troops again – this time for an urban garden.  Oh, and also for urban chickens.
  • In D.C. the Obamas and other feds are showing organic some love, and Big Chem isn’t happy.
  • Don’t miss Jeff Gillman’s Hort Research that Gardeners can Use, 2nd Edition.

On Other Blogs

  • Blogger Tom Alexander does NOT shy away from politics.  Here’s his rant about “wingnut” climate-change deniers.
  • Joe Lamp’l's $25 Victory Garden Challenge is getting lots of (well-deserved) attention. Watch episodes here and here. Press coverage detailed here.

On the Home Front

  • I announced the new national media campaign Green the and called on bloggers to post about it on Earth Day.  Supporting Organizations are coming on board and it’s starting to be FUN.
  • And in the garden, it’s all about the mulch – about 150 loads of it from my driveway where it was dumped to the beds.
  • And I finally met – at least by phone – one of my favorite gardening gurus – Paul James, the Gardener Guy of HGTV fame.  Story coming soon!

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