My next garden – the “before” photos

by Susan Harris on October 28, 2011

As I wrote recently on GardenRant, I thought I’d never leave my current garden, which after 26 years under my sometimes haphazard direction is looking pretty much done.  But for reasons I explained in that Rant post and in Susan Reimer’s column in the Baltimore Sun, I’ve decided to move.  And news flash – I’ve bought my next house!  It’s a co-op townhouse in historic Greenbelt, MD, one that’s just the right size for me, with right-size front and back yards, too.

I won’t be moving right away – gotta sell my current home first, and have some work done in the new place (total re-do of the kitchen and bath).   But come late winter or early spring, I’ll be doing total make-overs of these gardens, starting with ripping out the lawn in the photos above.   I’ll add seating to the front yard, too, because it’s a quiet spot that overlooks not a street but a small parking area shared by 10 homes that comprise our “court”.

In the back, photos above and below, I’ll add a screened-in porch across the entire house before I start planning the garden.  There’s one fabulous plant here that I’ll be keeping – a large Japanese maple – but otherwise, it’s pretty much a blank slate.  (Goody!)

View from the back door.

But there’s more – a large, flat grassy open area that’s shared by the 12 homeowners – perfect for badminton!  Don’t laugh – that and swimming competitively were the primary sports of my youth, though in the case of badminton it was all fun, no pressure, and the perfect after-dinner pastime with the family.  The open area is also prime for some new shrubs around its perimeter – which I’ve already brainstormed about with my new next-door neighbor – a gardening Englishwoman.  Perfect.

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gail November 14, 2011 at 9:20 am

Looks great to me and I love your screened porch plans. You cannot live in the south without one. gail

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