1st Renovation Report: The Bathroom

by Susan Harris on April 10, 2012

It’s been almost four months since I moved (from Takoma Park to Old Greenbelt, both in Maryland) and after that many months of construction I finally have ONE “after” photo to show for it.  See, in addition to the usual construction delays you’re all familiar with, living in a co-op community adds another whole dimension to concept of delay.  And bureaucratic obstructionism.  (Oh, I could go on.)

But let’s get to the dramatic photos, shall we?  Below are two shots of the bathroom, which contained the original 1937 tub and medicine chest but a fairly new sink and vanity cabinet – which I hated.  Plus the tile – yuck!

So here’s the new look -  large gray tiles on the floor and tub surround, with gray walls and towels, and dark Shaker-style cabinets (Martha Stewart brand).  Plus Mistos plumbing fixtures, a Toto toilet and a new medicine cabinet and light fixture.  I’ll be painting my new kitchen and dining room this same gray.

The work was done by Ahmed Shomar at Mozer Works, the contractor who did most of the renovations in my last home.   Awesome tile work!

Speaking of the kitchen, the construction is done…for a while.  Am awaiting more deliveries and painting but happy to have it reassembled more or less and in working order.  Before-and-after photos coming soon, I hope.

The office and bedrooms are looking pretty good, with their new paint-jobs (all DIY – I love to paint!) but I’m waiting ’til the overhead fans are replaced and the yucky carpet replaced with wood flooring before taking photos.

Now about the garden, pictured here in its “before” form.  I have an actual designer-done design that includes flagstone patios in front and back, which I’ve actually received permission to install (oh yes, nothing happens here without permission).  So any day now the patios will be done and I can plant-plant-plant – at least in the front.  The full back-yard planting will have wait until the screened-in porch construction is done and I’m still waiting for the permission-giver around here (“The Dictator”) to finally say okay, do it.  And then the county has to agree.  So, sometime in 2012?


commonweeder April 11, 2012 at 8:58 am

Looks beautiful. Elegance and simplicity. And just the perfect size for a bathroom.

Layanee April 11, 2012 at 11:55 am

Very chic. Love it.

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