Greenbelt House and Garden 2012 Roundup

by Susan Harris on November 1, 2012

Frankly, I’ve ignored this blog for a while now because I’m blogging so many other places, some for pay.  And it’s on those other blogs that I’ve been posting reports of my new home and garden in Greenbelt, which means there’s nowhere to send people who just want to know what’s up with me, especially my nongardening friends and family.

So here’s a catchup, and from here on I’ll be updating here more regularly, at least to send readers to new posts I’ve published elsewhere.

On Moving, and Starting a New Garden

My lawnless old garden.

- First I fret about selling my over-landscaped old garden and the house on it.

My new back garden, definitely "before".

- Then in November, after buying and selling, I fret about creating a new garden, where I hoped to NOT repeat the same old mistakes.

New  House Reports

I’ve posted the bathroom here before, but not the kitchen.  Here’s the kitchen, which was so worth changing.

And just this week I showed off my new screened-in porch.

New Garden Reports

Front garden in early May.

The front was available to be planted in the spring, as soon as the flagstone patio and walkway were done.  The early May report is here. Late-season update coming soon.

Back garden in late July.

By mid-July all the construction was done, including the flagstone patio on the back, so my first back-yard post is from late July.  Then I wrote about back-yard suggestions from blog readers. Hey this blogging really pays off!  Not with money, of course, but occasionally with something else.   And for a local garden center I wrote about three challenges I’d encountered in creating a new garden:  First, there’s all that empty space.  Then there’s poor soil.  And there MUST be screening.

Community  Garden Updates

In June I was hankering after a plot or some part thereof.

By October I had a small crop (mostly failures) going in part of a plot, and I’d started the website for the gardens.

Elsewhere in Greenbelt

I recently bragged about Greenbelt’s woodland paths.  This one going around the lake starts just 2 blocks from my house!

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